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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  September 18, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> two of those shots struck 23- year-old michael nolan. one in the torso, the other in the head as he stood outside this car in the parking lot of a yonkers fast food restaurant. nolan is a former high school baseball star and was a draft pick for the oakland a's last year. >> it just kills me to see like how people always go after people who just chase their dreams the most. >> i don't want to say it but i might have to make that decision about donating his organs. it's just -- this is what i got to do now. >> police for now say they are treating the wounded man as an innocent victim. >> initial reports indicate that there may have been some type of dispute prior to this. it's speculation at this point, but we're looking into that. >> including reports of a drag race. >> we're not sure about that right now. >> nolan was standing with several other people when police say the gunman drove by on this service road when the shots were fired. they're looking for.
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>> a white or pale yellow honda somewhere around 2000, 2007. that's about it. a two-door honda. >> the victim was taken to jacoby hospital where police say he is listed in extremely critical condition. reporting live in yonkers tim fleischer channel 7 eyewitness news. nassau and suffolk county police are joining forces to stop a serial gas station robber. the spree spans across long island and started early last month. in the latest incident, a man with a gun walked into a mobile station on old country road in west bury on wednesday night and demanded cash. stacey sager is live at police headquarters in minneola. >> this all began back on august 4th in hempstead, but now police here in nassau county and suffolk county are pulling out all the stops on this one because it is so large in scope. we're talking about a robbery pattern that spans 60 miles, 60
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miles between river head and elmont and about a dozen other communities in between, and you can see them on this map. check this out, police want you to take a good hard look at the suspect. he's on several videos. authorities say he usually wears a hat, either a bucket hat or a baseball cap. he carries a rag to conceal his gun and cops say he has now robbed a total of 15 gas stations, nine in nassau county and six in suffolk county. they're urging long island residents to take note of his mannerisms, very calm, very casual. his clothing and then try to help. >> he approaches his locations, he's very verbal, give me the money. give me the money fast. there's no accent. he's very demanding and they move quickly. >> this is especially disturbing. these gas station attendants work long hours and odd hours which make them very vulnerable. the people who go to gas up are also vulnerable. >> he's not striking the same locations in any consistent manner so he is moving around the island. you're talking, you know,
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hundreds and hundreds of square miles that he's operating within. >> reporter: now police are also at this point getting help from the fbi, also the district attorney here in nassau county. you heard from her, but here's how you can help. if you see this man at any gas station lurking about obviously call 9-1-1 because he's armed and dangerous. if you know something about him, if you recognize him in these pictures, call these numbers for crime stoppers in suffolk county 180-0220-tips in nassau 180-0244 tips. once again police need your help. a separate robbery at gas stations ended up resulting in a murder. cops are very concerned and hoping to make an arrest as soon as possible. we're live in minneola at police headquarters, i'm stacey sager channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. new at noon, a judge has rejected a defense request to
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rutgers football player andre bogs. bog's lawyer asked for him $600,000 bail to be reduced to $50,000. bogs is accused of two home invasions. he was kicked off the team after his arrest. in all six rutgers football players have been kicked off the team following arrests. a driver involved in a crash that killed four women in suffolk county slated to face a judge today. steven romeo was behind the wheel of a truck that crashed into a limo in july. police say he tried to run away from the crash. he was charged with dwi. later tests showed his blood alcohol level was below the legal limit. police in the bronx say a drunk livery cab passenger was killed after he stumbled into police say the 23-year-old victim asked his livery cab driver to pull over on west 231st street in kingsbridge because he felt sick. began vomiting. the victim was in the path of an oncoming bus. police say the bus driver tried to veer out of the way.
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no trouble. i don't understand why something like this would happen to people like that. i don't get it. >> the victim whose identity has not been released was pronounced dead at the scene. police say the man and his friend were at a lounge in accident. no charges have been filed against the bus driver. final preparations are underway for the pope's homeland security jay johnson visits philadelphia this afternoon to review the security and planning in place for the pope's visit next week. secretary johnson will also meet with members of local and federal law enforcement before coming to new york tomorrow. last night the pope delivered an unprecedented television message to the people of cuba ahead of his arrival there tomorrow. the papal visit is a remarkable change for cuba. the communist government has attacked the church for years after taking power. the vatican sees the pope's visit as a chance to embrace the cuban people and to speed
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the end of the u.s. trade embargo. pope francis arrives in washington d. c. next tuesday. again, pope francis arrives in cuba tomorrow, and in fact a few hours ago he sent a tweet asking for prayers ahead of his trip. eyewitness news is the place to turn for coverage of the papal visit in the united states. you can find schedules, street closures and other information at in the race for president, donald trump is no stranger to criticism over the things he says while he's on the campaign trail. now the republican front runner is taking heat over what he did not say. >> kenneth moton joins us live from washington to explain. >> donald trump's campaign today, they are defending his silence and blaming the media. trump is not the only gop candidate who was under fire the trail. >> he's known for not holding his tongue but donald trump's silence on this remark has
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>> we have a problem in this country. it's called we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question. but anyway, we have training camps rolling where they want to kill us. >> mm-hmm. >> that's my question, when can we get rid of them. >> trump sort of answered the question about training camps but he let the inflammatory statements about the president and muslims slide. trump's campaign manager blamed the media for "making this about obama saying the bigger issue is what he called obama waging wars against christians in this country. it's reminiscent of that 2008 war with john mccain. political watchers say mccain got it right. carly fiorina is also under fire claiming undercover video she saw showed the graphic mishandling of aborted fetuses. planned parenthood called it a
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>> no, i didn't misspeak, and i don't know who you're speaking about in terms of watching the tapes but i have seen those >> hillary clinton defended planned parenthood and called those inflammatory remarks. even chris christie said he would have told the reporter the president is a christian. reporting live here in washington, kenneth moton channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you kenneth. we're following several important stories, big subway disruptions this weekend and hear from the two high school football players who tackled a ref. they speak exclusively to abc news. find out who they say was to blame. >> and watch out, that's one determined shark right there. the close encounter you don't want to miss. >> i'm meteorologist bill evans here in the weather center. well, we're looking at temperatures this afternoon warming up now to 83. 84 around morristown. these numbers are 10 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. got a little bit of a north wind going out there now. it's kind of light and variable
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lk a friend of the man charged with the charleston church shooting massacre is facing federal charges. 21-year-old joey meek is accused of concealing information and lying to federal agents investigating dylann roof. meek falsely claimed he didn't know specifics about roof's plans to shoot and kill church goers during bible study. roof stayed with me before the june 17th shootings and reportedly made racist comments. the migrant crisis in europe continues as thousands of migrants are being bounced
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croatia says it's having a hard time handling the 14,000 refugees that came in over two days. some of them were placed on buses to hungry, a nation that has closed its borders. officials in neighboring slovenia have holding meetings trying to figure out how to handle the suspect the influx of migrants there. hundreds of people without proper documents are stranded at the border. the u.s. has begun direct talks with russia about its military involvement in syria. defense secretary ash carter has talked with his russian counter part for about 50 minutes today. the two men agreed to talk about more than the coalition military campaign against isis and russia's decision to send equipment and personnel to assist the syrian president. the u.s. and russia had suspended military relations after russia's buildup in ukraine. and more aftershocks in chile following that 8.3 magnitude earthquake on wednesday. at least 12 are now reported
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declared disaster zones as recovery teams sift through the rubble. the quake was so strong that across the pacific there was a small tsunami in japan when no one was hurt and there was no damage. alarming security breach at an airport in texas raising concern about security in all airports. a man crashed through a runway beat trying to steal a private jet. he tried to remove the tire barriers and banged on its doors. bystanders helped subdue the man. the man has a history of mental illness and may have been on drugs. a brave boy who didn't hesitate to help. see what the young hero did to save other kids when a school bus plunged into a lake. >> and a local assemblyman turns into a crime fighter. see the lawmaker who took down a purse snatcher. >> and taking a live look
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summer? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. >> dramatic video of the flooding that suddenly hit a national park in utah earlier this week. take a look at this, hikers rush to get to safety as water poured on to the trail of zion park's most popular lookout area. the heavy rain hit within an hour causing rivers flowing through the canyons to quickly burst into its banks.
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the canyons were closed but rangers were not able to reach everyone who was in the park every time. there were some fatalities. you can see how desperate they were to try to get to safety. >> they were. some of the children who passed away. very sad. >> you have to be really careful in those passes. like that. mother nature has been doing that for a long time. >> for a long, long time. >> i understand it's friday night-lights at your house. >> at my house. >> our homes. >> is this friday night-light in your homes? >> get the dancing music on and enjoy the weekend. >> party at my place. >> a formal invitation is what we just got. >> either that or i'll be in the window going. >> you'll get arrested for that. don't do that. >> can't do that. >> it's hard to do it when they're 30 stories up too. >> it's very risky. >> we got sunshine, a really pretty afternoon. we've got beautiful lights out there right now.
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and warm too even for this time of the year the sun is weaker but strong. you're going to be out there, going to head to the beach late in the day, get going. make sure you've got yourself some sunscreen, sunblock. 39%, that humidity is nice and dry, and the pressure's at 30.07, which has a mark of really nice fair weather. normal high is 75. today we get to about 87. yesterday's high was 89, and so now we're looking like still the mid summer weather is hanging on at least for one more day and that would be tomorrow. cold front nears on sunday. it will bring clouds but no rain. it will bring cooler air too. temperatures will be back into the 70s monday. i mentioned the uv index is high. you can get a sunburn in a couple of hours. ragweed may go higher as we get more moisture going into monday. that's typical. this is ragweed season. 83 newark and in the park at 82
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down around wrightstown, even 80 around sussex to poughkeepsie. some very nice warm weather. normal high as you saw is 75. upper 80s. we've got clear skies, a lot of sunshine. still with this high pressure the lower peninsula of michigan. us. it will come to us on sunday. here's our futurecast. we got sunshine today, sunshine saturday, there's the front. watch, when it gets here it loses all its moisture. we'll have clouds starting out on sunday. by afternoon the sun's out. it will be a nice fall feel for sunday afternoon. temperature about 87 this afternoon, tomorrow we're looking at 83. before the front gets here, the cooler air behind it puts us back into the 70s. next week plenty of sunshine and warm. tonight 68, which is going to be nice. tomorrow we have sunshine and 83 on saturday. it's a beautiful weekend. you get a summer's day tomorrow, a fall day on sunday, and there's no rain on sunday. just some clouds and cooler, a
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there's the autumnal equinox, and that's going to be on wednesday. that's when fall begins. >> you know, it is going to be a great night tonight at citi field. you know what i'm talking about. it's the subway series. >> a critical subway series gets underway in queens with a lot at stake in both clubs. mets come in looking to move closer to their first national league east crown in nine seasons. the main keys are trying to get -- yankees are trying to get back into the playoffs for the first time since 2012. over this. >> so many people. my mother's a met's fan, i'm a yankee's fan. it's a hot mess at my house. >> i wonder what it's like at dinner. >> a lot of smack talk. >> exactly. a bus crash caught on camera, and the video reveals something happening behind the wheel that cops didn't expect.
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an unusual case of distracted driving, a scary shark encounter and a president's very public display of affection, just some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention.
12:23 pm
of a bus accident in new mexico and a burrito may be to blame for this. camera number one shows the bus causing a chain reaction crash and passengers thrown all around, very frightening. a closer look at the driver in albuquerque he originally accused of texting, but it turns out the guy was actually eating a burrito. he goes for a bite, takes his eyes off the road and the bus crashes. this happened last year and the tape was just released as part of a lawsuit. take a look at this close encounter, a hammer head of southern california. the man was fishing a half mile offshore when a shark tried to snatch fish attached to the side of the kayak. that's beginning of the problem, who fishes in a kayak near sharks. in the end thankfully no one was hurt. and look who got caught on the kiss cam in atlanta, former president jimmy carter and his wife roslyn puckered up last night at atlanta's turner field, husband and wife of
12:24 pm
nearly 60 years took their eyes off the game to give each other a big smooch. the former president who's battling cancer says he's looking forward to celebrating his 91st birthday october 1st. the crowd loved it. can you imagine. there's so much support for him right now. you two kids get a room. >> i know right. did you see who leaned in first? it was mrs. carter. she leaned in for that kiss and he gave it right back. >> a lot of love there. >> they are so cute. that is real love right there. thank you david. an otter at the seattle aquarium is being taught to use an inhaler after being diagnosed with asthma. mishka was having trouble breathing when smoke from wildfires infiltrated the seattle area. her trainer is using food to teach the 1-year-old to push her nose on the inhaler and take a deep breath. the medication is exactly the same as what humans use. scientists in colorado are showing off a new dinosaur species.
12:25 pm
it is so new they don't have an official name for it yet. for now they are calling it ava. it was unveiled in an exhibit -- >> i don't know, i don't make it up. >> in woodland park. paleontologists discovered it three years ago in montana. it took them three years, hundreds of thousands of dollars and a 3d printer to excavate and recreate the new dinosaur. ava, that's her name. a major subway line shutting down for the weekend. we'll show you the reason for the commuter headaches and what you need to know to get around. plus breaking their silence, two football players who blind sided a ref speak exclusively to abc news and meet the young
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you're watching new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news at noon with david novarro, shirleen allicot, and meteorologist bill evans. now eyewitness news continues. our top stories this afternoon, a young baseball player fighting for his life after being shot in yonkers overnight. police say 23-year-old michael nolan was struck once in the head and once in the arm during the drive-by shooting. nolan is a graduate of -- and was drafted by the oakland a's. >> a $15,000 reward is being offered to nab the suspect linked to 15 gas station robberies across nassau and suffolk counties. police will be intensifying patrols and will be visiting gas stations to hand out flyers of the suspect. the fbi is assisting in the investigation. >> and a judge rejects a defense request to lower the bail for former rutgers football player andre bogs. he's accused of two home
12:29 pm
he was kicked off the team after his arrest. hello again, i'm david novarro. >> and i'm shirleen allicot. all new this half hour, the subway might be your number one problem this weekend if you take the 1 train. >> yeah, service along the entire line will be suspended starting late tonight through monday morning for maintenance work. eyewitness news reporter stef stefan king. >> it is those dreaded words riders never want to hear, weekend maintenance work and it will shut down service on the 1 train starting tonight. the mta says the work needs to get done and some of this goes back to damage caused by superstorm sandy. >> that means bad things for me. >> it just adds so much more time to your weekend because you're trying to figure out how to get to someplace that should be easy to get to. >> riders on the 1 train bracing for transit headaches. service on the line will be suspended starting at 11:30
12:30 pm
monday impacting the entire line in both directions. >> wow, that's unbelievable. i mean the service isn't really that great on the is 1. it's always slow. >> workers need to repair the archways at 168th and 181st streets which have been crumbling for years. they also need to install track panels north of 215th street, and there is ongoing repair work that needs to be done at the south ferry station from damage caused by superstorm sandy. mta officials are advising 1 train riders to take the 2, 3, or a and c trains as an alternate. free shuttle buses will be running at the end of the line. the mta says it's performing the work on the weekend when ridership is lowest to reduce the impact. >> i'm not surprised to be honest. weekends are kind of a nightmare on the subway anyway. >> it's kind of inconvenient. i work in brooklyn. i take 2 and 3 trains. i take the 1 to the 2 and 3
12:31 pm
since it's all messed up it takes me a lot longer to get there. i mean they're trying to fix it right. >> reporter: the mta is advising riders to check the website for updates and we'll have all the latest on the eyewitness news. and you can find more information on the closure and alternatives a the our website abc7ny right on our home page. the reward to catch a killer is going up. the nypd is offering $22,500 to get the person who shot carey gabay a lawyer who worked for governor cuomo, gabay's family removed him from life support this week. doctors declared him brain dead nine days after he was shot in the head before the west indian american day parade. a local lawmaker hailed as a hero after taking down a
12:32 pm
would be purse snatcher. ron kim drawing on his skills as a high school and college football player found himself redefining what it means to perform public service by tackling a crook on a suffolk sidewalk. he sprang into action after witnessing a woman with a baby trying to chase the man. >> all i could think about is my wife walking the streets every single day and it happening teamer. >> that man ducked into an office building and for a moment kim said he lost him and got on the phone to call 9-1-1. then a good samaritan spotted the suspect wearing different clothes and charging up a main street. the assemblyman still on the phone with police made his move then. it was a brutal hit caught on camera. two high school football players blind siding a ref. now the two players are speaking exclusively with abc news and talking about who they say is really to blame. here's abc's elizabeth hur. good afternoon to you, the two teenagers from texas say they're speaking out now because in their words the
12:33 pm
they say they are sorry for what they did but maintain they were told to do it. >> this is the moment caught on camera that has two texas high school football players now offering to apologize to the referee. first tackled from behind, then taking another hit while on the ground. >> i would apologize for the mistake that i made. >> and if you could take back that moment. >> of course. >> expressing regret and remorse in an exclusive interview with abc's george stephanopoulos, victor rojas and michael moreno admit they targeted the ref, but they say they did so because they're assistant coach mack breed seen in this twitter picture told cheating us. >> he pulled me and another player and told us, you know, you need to hit the ref, you know. >> for what? >> he told one of my hispanic english. this is america.
12:34 pm
>> did you hear that or did one of your friends tell you that? >> i heard it. >> and to an african-american on our team he told them the n. >> the school district plans to file a formal complaint against referee robert watts, but through his attorney watts is denying the allegations. >> did he use that field at any point that night? >> mr. watts, he did not. >> they are flat out lying. >> that's correct. they are flat out lying. >> he says that's a lie. >> it's not. it's the honest truth right there, and i wouldn't lie about this situation. like, just how bad it's gotten, the truth needs to be told. >> rojas and moreno in the meantime have been suspended from the school and the team. their assistant coach on paid leave. the school is still investigating, and they're also under investigation for possible criminal charges. i'm elizabeth hur for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> lots of questions surrounding that story. 83 degrees here, so let's turn to meteorologist bill evans and get that accuweather after
12:35 pm
school forecast. >> yes, look how pretty. i was just watching the boats going up and down the east river up and under the brooklyn bridge, sunny, hardly any clouds in the sky at all. so far today it's been absolutely gorgeous. if you're going to be taking the ferry back and forth from staten island coming home, making the commute back over toward jersey city or the east side, just a little southeast wind. it will be absolutely beautiful for that. we've got sunshine this afternoon. we'll be at 84, 3:00, and then we drop into the 70s tonight and after school. nice and warm, you'll want to drink a lot of water. parents and teachers and school administrators all that after of water to drink. week. autumn starts on wednesday. back to you guys. thank you. hero. see what he did to save children trapped in a school bus in a lake.
12:36 pm
12:37 pm
t a 10-year-old boy being hailed a hero after a school bus crashed into a pond near tampa and overturned. this fifth grader nicholas sierra got a kindergartner safely out of the partly submerged bus and he wasn't done. eyewitness news anchor ken rosato has their story. >> a 10-year-old and his bus driver are being hailed as carrying elementary school students crashed and careened into this lake outside of tampa thursday afternoon.
12:38 pm
>> i see him stepping on the brakes but the brakes weren't working, and then everyone started screaming. >> the bus taking down a sign post and part of a tree before water. >> he said hold on tight. i figured out what he was trying to say. it was too late, literally it was too fast. i couldn't grab on. >> parents and first responders rushing to the scene, but all 27 students and the driver escaping through the rear emergency door making it out uninjured thanks in part to one young boy on board springing into action. >> i grabbed her arms and put her around my neck and then i went back. >> witnesses calling the bus driver a hero saying the 64- year-old man stayed on the bus until every child got out safely. investigators working to determine the exact cause of the crash. the driver says he believes the brakes failed. ken rosato channel 7 eyewitness news. >> incredible. the 14-year-old boy who was
12:39 pm
arrested after bringing homemade clock to his high school will be transferring to another school. ahmed mohamed was arrested mcarthur high school in irving texas on monday. his father is saying ahmed is picking a new school and the family is looking at options inside and outside of the country. ahmed's father immigrated from sudan. he believes his son was targeted because of his ethnicity and religion. a haircut battle in one school ends with the school learning an important lesson. a 2nd grade boy was sent to the principal's office because of his mohawk. the principal said it violated the dress code and needed to be cut. mom said wait a minute, she provides paperwork saying that the mohawk is part of the family's native american heritage and an exception was made. >> it felt like a form of discrimination, so we didn't want to take it there. we provided the papers and stuff, you know what i mean, but we didn't feel like it was right to let it go. >> we believe in everyone's
12:40 pm
beliefs and so we want to honor that. >> while the mohawk was allowed in this case, the mother says she is taking her concerns to the school board to work on a district policy of change and just raise awareness of her >> and a lot of people talking about that one on social media for sure. the incredible story of a dog's best friend, yes, two week, the mystery finally solved by facebook and what we've learned about the
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
lashaya? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. >> david oyellalo is armed and dangerous in the new movie captive. >> it tells the true story of brian nichols an escaped inmate who shot his way out of a courthouse in atlanta and took a young woman hostage. >> sandy kenyon here with his review.
12:43 pm
>> fans of the oprah winfrey show may remember she featured the real story and the people who lived it on one of her shows. it starts with a single mom, a drug addict who is literally scared straight after being held hostage. >> i need to see my daughter. >> tense, taught, and terrific are the words to describe the action when david oyellolo holds kate captive in a new movie based on a real story that took place a decade ago in atlanta. >> police looking for this man. >> looking for ryan any nicols. don cheat the has a supporter part as the guy in charge of getting him back into custody. the movie belongs to two stars at the peak of their power. >> my name is ashley smith. i'm a mother. >> i don't trust you ashley. >> ashley is a drug addict who's lost custody of her
12:44 pm
daughter. ryan is the father of a baby boy, and perhaps that's why the two can find common ground while he holds her hostage. >> could you forgive me? i don't know. maybe god can. >> we are scared for her because we can't predict what he will do next. the character himself can't be sure of his next move because he's not in control of his own emotions. emotions that seesaw between his weaker impulses and his better ones. >> what is that? what are you doing? >> just a book. >> a book. >> a purpose driven life. >> read it to me. >> okay. captive seems to be telegraphing a big message a bit too loudly at times, but
12:45 pm
to pay for watching such great acting. now one critic compared the new movie to a cheesy cable tv movie, and i think that's wrong and unfair. david o'yellow captivates us just as he did in selma, and i have to tell you this is a terrific piece of work for him coming up at 4 i'll review the other big movie opening this weekend, black mass starring johnny depp. they're similar, dave and shirleen and bill. they're similar because these are dark men at the core of these stories played brilliantly. >> brian nichols was violent. a lot of crimes he was charged with on top of the shooting. interesting to see how it comes out. >> the movie ends very skillfully with the oprah winfrey appearance by the young lady that kate plays in the picture. it bring it is around in a beautiful way. >> i think i might give it a shot. thank you sandy.
12:46 pm
>> thanks. let's get a check now on that >> it's great. absolutely beautiful weather, the last weekend of summer of 2015, and here's how it looks outside. it's really pretty. we've got blue skies, no clouds, lots of sun, a little sailboat working its way down the east river. now that's a sailboat without its sail, so if the sail is not up on the sailboat david and shirleen, is it a sailboat or is it a vessel. >> at that point i call it a motor boat. >> there you go, it is a vessel. you are correct sir. you get your captain's license. >> it doesn't take much to get one from me. lunch would be good. here we go, if you're having lunch outside it's gorgeous. a beautiful day. there goes the circle line there. it's 83 degrees, the humidity is dry, the winds are southwest at 5. 81 at hauppauge, 76 around north port to massapequa. it's really a pretty day. low humidities, very mild temperatures, warmer than
12:47 pm
normal for this time of the year. a lot of sunshine and clear skies all the way back to this front. this front comes in on sunday but it comes in dry. still summery today at 87. tomorrow still summery at 83, and it's going to be the warmer half of the weekend. then here comes the front which will bring in cooler air. it will also bring cloudy skies for sunday. that will break out. the cooler air is going to be more normal temperatures coming in for the weekend. great night for baseball. subway series, clear and comfy. citi field is a wonderful place to go to a baseball game. tonight will be magic. the humidity is going to be low tomorrow, sunshine, 83 degrees on saturday. cooler sunshine on sunday, 77, and then next week, dun dun da, it's cooler, we have temperatures at night dropping in the 50s, fall begins on wednesday, and the calendar and the weather will coincide. really have to work to dramatize that. it's so nice otherwise.
12:48 pm
>> thank you bill. >> we'll be right back. first here's daphne oz with a look at what's coming up next on the chew. >> hey david and shirleen. it's finally friday, and kaley cuoco sweeting is helping you get ready for the weekend with
12:49 pm
i'm diana williams and here's what's coming up a bit later on eyewitness news. pope francis' visit creating a whole lot of excitement here in new york city. it's also going to have a big impact on how you get around. it's also going to affect businesses. we're going to take a look at that, and the better business bureau asked 7 on your side to help with a custom suit maker who has not delivered, and we have a lesson that we all can learn from. and neighborhood eats heads to queens for french bistro cuisine. that and more beginning on
12:50 pm
food's at 5, and from the food we go to the feed. >> you like that one guys? there? did you see that. >> professional. >> she is. >> it time now for the stories that are popping up on your social media feeds. >> the feed. >> we begin with an incredible find on the bottom of lake george. listen to this one, 40 years ago jim flynn was swimming in the lake when his wedding band slipped off. >> oh, no. >> after many efforts to find it he thought it was lost forever until this past summer the flynns neighbor saw something shiny while snorkeling. they posted it on facebook hoping to find the owner. they had no luck until they showed it to mrs. flynn, and you know she recognized it immediately. >> that's incredible. it was meant to be recovered. >> here's a reminder for the
12:51 pm
freshmen starting college this fall. >> one mother in pennsylvania went as far as to make that embarrassing plea to her son awkward. after three weeks went by she hadn't heard a peep from the boy she gave birth to. she decided to lay the guilt on heavy. in the video she ponders whether her son has simply forgotten how to use a phone. this is how it works, dial the number. call mom. the video has 300,000 views in two days. message to my own son, don't let this to be you. call your mother. >> call me too. when i have four kids in college i used to say i'm going to start a soap opera called all my children who have no time to call. >> this is right out of an episode of lasso. phoebe a basset hound got trapped in a ravine. her buddy tillly wouldn't abandon her for a week. >> wow. >> where's the owner. >> they didn't know. they were lost.
12:52 pm
>> she stayed by her side only to leave, wander around, try to finally the setter got attention to people to lead them back to phoebe. >> what's that tillly? you need help? >> always a dog in a well. >> that is where all the love that. amazing. >> not just a little taste of it. that wraps it up for us on eyewitness news at noon. look how beautiful it is...
12:53 pm
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